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Kristen (Witch-Hunter)

Kristen Davies has plans; graduating high school, and making the most of being the school’s star athlete. Her plans don’t involve witches, but what’s a girl to do when evil strikes.

Kristen is awakened to the very real threat of witches, and has to dredge up her forgotten roots, to take her rightful place.


This short story is intended as an accompaniment to the Witch-Hunter series, and as such, may contain spoilers.

This novella edition of Kristen: Witch-Hunter is only available in the 2015 #Awethology Light collection.

A full-length edition will be released 2021


Find your new favourite indie author and download the free digital copies available from Amazon:


#Awethology Light 

  • Suitable for under 18s

  • Contains "Kristen: Witch-Hunter"


#Awethology Dark

  • Suitable for over 18s only


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Kristen: Witch-Hunter 2.5 K.S. Marsden

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