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Winter Trials (Northern Witch #1)
If you love LGBT romance, YA and a bit of magic and witches – grab this book, and read this series!
Ivana - Diary of Difference

This was an enjoyable short story - cute, Wintry and with some supernatural elements thrown in!
Charlotte May

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1)
The Shadow Rises was a fast paced adventure, with enough twists and turns to leave me constantly wondering what could possibly happen next!
I loved the concept of the secret witch-hunter society and I definitely enjoyed puzzling out the mystery of of the Shadow Witch.
Miranda Reads

The plot left me guessing at every turn and when Marsden revealed a plot twist ace up her sleeve, my jaw dropped. I was literally staring at the text going, “No way. NO WAY! Did she really just go there?”
Wilmar Luna

There are rarely any books, in my experience, that makes you say “oh this is so going to be my favorite” from mere three sentences of its opening chapter and this book was one of it. 
Merril Anil


Witch-Hunter Trilogy

I read the three books in the Witch-Hunter series back to back.
The Shadow Rises drew me in after the first few pages and wouldn't let go so I moved straight onto The Shadow Reigns, quickly followed by The Shadow Falls.
These books now make up one of my favourite trilogies!
Lorraine Atkins

The Lost Soul (Enchena #1)

I really enjoyed the author's writing style too. It has a clear-cut elegance that is maddeningly readable. I easily attained the holy grail of states - to forget I was reading. Marsden's descriptive powers are strong; and she evoked landscapes, moods, and action scenes with seemingly little effort. 
Jason Greensides

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