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The Northern Witch Series Box Set

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Goodreads link for Winter Trials (Northern Witch Book 1)

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The Northern Witch Series box set is available exclusively from Amazon, and is free to read on Kindle Unlimited:


The quirky, best-selling Urban Fantasy Series.

When Mark decides to follow in his Nanna's footsteps, and train in witchcraft, he takes on more than he could ever have imagined. Up until now, he has been ignorant of the magical dangers, demons and monsters that his coven defend against.

Everything changes when Damian moves to Tealford. He is everything Mark has ever wanted, but he comes with his own cursed life.

Luckily, Mark has the support of his friends and family... as well as the handsome newcomer.

Containing the full 6-part series:
Winter Trials (Northern Witch #1)
Awaken (Northern Witch #2)
The Breaking (Northern Witch #3)
Summer Sin (Northern Witch #4)
A Dark Fate (Northern Witch #5)
All Things End (Northern Witch #6)

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